December 2016 article in The Houston Press

Management Districts have been around for some time. They are second cousins to Tax Increment Districts, Entertainment Districts, etc. And I think it is fair to say third cousins to some of these athletic districts …. let’s build a giant mega million dollar stadium for our teens….. and have the taxpayers absorb the cost.

There are some 51 Management Districts in Houston alone and they are eating our lunch. Created by the legislature.  Managed by private law firms. Controlled by hand-picked board members. Taxpayers need not apply, nor know the internal workings or funding, just pay the taxes.

Thanks to Judge Tad Halbach, 334th Civil District Court, Harris County, and his recent verdict which ordered one district to repay over six and a half million dollars taken from voters.

It’s time to drain the swamp in Houston.

More to come.

Let’s start the conversation with this December 2016 article in The Houston Press, by Davis Jansen.

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