Justice Jim Wallace


In the course of improperly demanding the release of this juvenile, here are some of the outrageous remarks Justice Sharp made:

To an elected District Judge: "When an appeals court justice calls and identifies himself and they then refer to me as Mr. Sharp it bespeaks a fundamental misunderstanding of respect and pecking order!  That a fifteen year old on shoplifting is still in jail three hours after I call ain't right!  That some county paycheck functionary named (name deleted to protect an innocent county employee) called me rude also was unacceptable and that stupid [expletive deleted] need find a new job that never has him communicating with appellate court Justices.  Had I been there personally, it would have been damn ugly for him." 

"That's it:  I am referring this entire cluster to litigation and it will cost the county dearly.  Arrogant imbeciles."

To a Brazoria County Commissioner:  "If I were Brazoria Co. Commissioner, I'd be on the lookout for some serious lawsuits arising from your juvie facility procedures.  You don't release a 15 yr old accused of simple shoplifting (bra and jeans) to their parents on the request of an Appeals Ct. Justice.  Serious problems there, Dude.  Call me pronto please."

The entire First Court of Appeals found Justice Sharp's conduct so contrary to the impartiality necessary for a judge that they will no longer allow him to hear cases involving the Brazoria County DA's office.

We think that's not enough.  When a judge threatens to use his influence to retaliate against local officials for refusing to give certain offenders special treatment, that person is unfit to hold the office.

To Juvenile Probation Department employee: "I am a judge in the Court of Appeals.  I have authority over your judges along with every judge in ten other counties in this area."  "Well, I can tell you this, things are about to change in Brazoria County.  You guys are a bunch of backwoods hillbillies that use screwed up methods in dealing with children and I can promise you this, things are about to change in Brazoria County."

"[Y]our county is going to be sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars for this.  You'll have picked the wrong little girl that has friends in high places to mess with."  

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